Oral CBD Applicator 1200mg 40%

CBD per serving: 200mg

Contains 40% (1200mg) of the cannabinoid “cannabidiol” also known as CBD which has profound medicinal applications



Full Spectrum Oral Syringe consumed sublingually under the tongue for 20-30 seconds for maximum absorption.

In addition, this product has been naturally and carefully extracted to contain the full 400+ molecules that the natural essential oils of the plant should have. which gives the user maximum healing effects.

In specifics, 60% of this 10 milliliter oral syringe contains the entourage molecules such as cannabinoids (excluding THC – the psychoactive molecule), simple esters and other organic molecules that are required for the entourage effect. However 40% of this syringe contains only the molecule CBD (cannabidiol) which is the most healing cannabinoid that works within the endocannabinoid system to maintain homeostasis in the human body (keeping the body’s natural working balance). This ensures none of our systems are active above or below the threshhold of where they naturally need to be which not only relieves a plethora of different conditions, but also makes sure the user is healthy for as long as possible.