Elite Gel Pen



Mary’s Gel Pen is the perfect resource for quick, discreet delivery of hemp extract. Mary’s proprietary dispenser pen includes 50-2mg doses of Gel. Users apply it to the wrist, ankle, temples or any other venous area.

Net Weight: 2 oz

Contains 100mg Hemp Extract. Also contains: PLO gel (this contains the purified water), hemp extract limonene, beta caryophyllene, natural fragrance ( this is the cool citrus basil) , isopropyl myristate, menthol crystals.

“I’ve got mad love for Mary’s products. The Gel Pen is what I use throughout the day to help with my pain (also the best migraine cure on the planet). The product also aids my sleeping routine, and I’ve finally been able to achieve REM sleep again for the first time in six years. THANK YOU!!!!” John, 38

“Your Gel Pen is amazing. I use it to help ease muscle spasms in my fingers. As a pianist, my fingers and hands ache and your gel pen offers fast relief after long hours of working with my hands.”
 Katie, 25