Healing Hemp Salve 750mg 1 oz


Size/Volume: 1oz

Total CBD: 750mg

Dose/Serving: A thin layer applied to skin


Soothing Healing Hemp Salve 750mg is a CBD rich body cream made for topical pain and inflammation across body. Organic ingredients will leave underlying muscle relaxed and skin hydrated. Great for ease of arthritis, joint pain, and muscle pain. Provides quick and long lasting relief through moisturizing antioxidant properties. Made 100% of natural and organic, food grade ingredients.

Additional Information
Suggested use:

Apply directly on the affected area and rub gently until it coats skin. Repeat as necessary.


CBD-Rich Industrial Cannabis Extract, Organic Extra Unrefined Coconut Oil, Hemp Seeds Oil, Citral, Beeswax, Lemon Peel Oil Extract, Vanilla Bean Extract, Vitamin E Oil.

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