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Looking for a delicious treat? Our CBD gummies are the way to go. Each delightful bite will be doing your body and mind a great service. Just try to stop yourself from eating too much.

Equally important, you will be getting a daily dose of CBD in every serving, making it the perfect way to supplement. If you need to modify the amount of CBD you need one day, simply eat another. This a great option for those who are taking daily CBD supplements for a multitude of issues.

Our edibles serve to be a tasty alternative to other CBD supplement options. They are made by infusing yummy snacks with therapeutic CBD oil extract. That being the case, these gummies are a very discreet way to supplement throughout your day.

Another benefit of our CBD gummies is that we offer a night time option. This is for people who have problems falling asleep and staying asleep at night. What makes our night time gummies special is that they are infused with melatonin. Melatonin is a natural hormone that your body normally produces to maintain your sleep cycle. Many people are not producing the amount of melatonin that they need, therefore they have poor sleeping habits. This addition of melatonin into the body will help it maintain normal sleeping habits. Try our night time gummies to get a good nights rest.

Overall, our  CBD gummies are a must have for any occasion. Even just as a break from your normal CBD supplement.

Made only with a pure extract and natural organic ingredients, each  gummy is vegetarian and vegan friendly.

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