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CBD flower products are made using organically grown CBD flower. This allows for patients to supplement their CBD in any way of their choosing, including inhalation.

Many patients find the act of smoking to be relaxing and therefore turn to our pre-rolls for relief. After using, you will feel relaxed and relieved. They can help provide comfort from pain, stress, anxiety, depression, and more. Due to the inhalation, these products will provide faster relief than ingesting.

Pre rolls are available to buy as 1 or in a pack of 10. They are hand rolled using the highest quality CBD flower in organic hemp paper. Products also contain absolutely no additives, only an abundance of naturally produced terepense to enhance your experience. Our pre rolls are full spectrum, meaning that patient’s will get the benefit of the entourage effect. Other cannabinoids, including a low level of THC, are also present in this product.