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Pet Grade CBD Products


Just like humans animals also have an Endocannabinoid system and can benefit your pet greatly. Our pet-friendly CBD contains no THC at all to be sure that your furry friend is in good hands.


Why Does My Pet Need CBD?


CBD is ideal for pets who show signs of anxiety, aggression, stress, arthritis, or even tumors and cancer.  Pets who suffer from separation anxiety, uneasy or afraid of loud noises benefit from having CBD to calm them down and help relaxation. For your older pets, CBD may help a lot with their aging process and may help lubricate joints to ease the pain of arthritis. 


How Does Pet CBD Work?


Dosing your pet depends on how much they weigh for dogs we recommend 8-12 drops (2-30lbs) 16-32 drops (31-60lbs) 36-65 drops (61-100lbs). For Cats we recommend 8-12 drops. 


What Pet Friendly Products Do We Offer?


Currently we offer CBD Oil for Cats and Dogs and Dog treats.




What Is Pet Grade CBD Good For?


  • Our Pet Grade CBD is good for many different things your pet may be going through, whether it be from anxiety to joint pain to shrinking tumors. 


Can You Use Our Pet Grade CBD Oil On Other Animals?


  • We do not recommend giving other pets CBD Oil besides the species recommended on the packaging. We recommend that if you do decide to give your pet CBD that does not fall under the species we offer, you should talk to your local Veterinarian first.


Is Our Pet Grade CBD Full Spectrum?


  • No, our Pet Grade CBD is just CBD Isolate which means that the only compound in the Oil is CBD and nothing else.


Why Health Synergy Pet Grade CBD?


  • Our Pet Grade CBD is made with organic ingredients and third party lab tested. We know that your pet is like another family member and we treat our Pet Grade CBD just as serious as all of our other products we offer. 


Would Pet Grade CBD Make My Pet High?


  • No, our Pet Grade CBD only has CBD a non psychoactive substance that will not get them high.


How To Order Our Products?


  • All of our products are listed on website all available for purchase. We ship nationwide.
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