Legality of CBD


The laws regarding the legality of CBD, marijuana, and hemp are ever changing. Currently on a federal level CBD derived from industrial hemp plants is legal due to the legalization of hemp through the farm bill. CBD extracted from other cannabis plants is still illegal on a federal level. The state legality varies from state to state. Currently 47 US states hold CBD as legal. Make sure to verify the current laws in your state to verify all info is up to date.


The Farm Bill, which passed on December 20th 2018, legalizes industrial hemp. It allows for its use in food and medicine but differs all regulations to the individual states. This means that while legal federally states will have the final say as hemp and bi proxy CBD are legal. While CBD is legal in most states it can be considered a grey area and illegal in some states, such as Idaho, Nebraska, and North Carolina, be sure to verify the most current law in your state. Below we have included a map that show where CBD is legal.

Staying up to Date

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