The Confusion Between CBD and THC

The confusion between these two main compounds of cannabis is exactly why people looking to use the cannabis plant for medical reasons, often wonder will any usage also make them high. The short answer is a simple no! CBD (non-psychoactive compoundoil does not give you the “high” effect which is usually experienced when smoking marijuana.

Here’s why.

THC  (the psychoactive compoundand CBD (non-psychoactive compoundare the two main ingredients found in the cannabis plant, together they share with more than 80 other compounds. Now, the main difference is this – THC is the culprit behind the “high” effect because THC is psychoactive. On the other hand, CBD is not-psychoactive and therefore – CBD oil does not get you high.

THC (the psychoactive compound) is extracted from marijuana, while the CBD (non-psychoactive compound) is extracted from hemp.

This is why people who want to get that high feeling smoke THC-rich marijuana, and people who are only looking for medicinal benefits turn to its counterpart – CBD.

The positive effects of CBD in your body are too long to fit in a single article, however, in short – it is often used to reduce anxiety, anti psychotic and anti-inflammatory effects. It is also associated with combating various types of cancers and plenty of other disorders and illnesses.

To summarize – since both THC and CBD are linked together, people often wonder if using CBD products make you high. Also, THC is still illegal in many places throughout the world – its supposed negative influence on the body unfortunately often cast a shadow over the wondrous effects of CBD.

On the other hand, CBD is absolutely legal and the list of its medicinal benefits only keeps growing and growing to the point where people can’t even keep up! In order to elaborate on the main topic, we’re going to look into how is CBD oil made.

Making CBD Oil

As previously stated – CBD oil is made by extracting the compound from hemp. It is known that hemp naturally contains a much higher percentage of CBD (non-psychoactive compoundthan of THC. Furthermore, the hemp plants are specifically grown to contain even higher concentrations of CBD, and less THC.

Generally speaking, a marijuana bud will contain anywhere between 4-10% of THC, while hemp on the other hand – contains only a fraction of that, .03-1% THC. This amount is so low that it is considered insignificant.

During the process of CBD extraction, one of three methods often used are Ethanol, CO2 or oil. Each of these are highly efficient and extract almost all pure contents of CBD, with zero to negligible levels of THC.

Moving Forward

Even though a lot has already been revealed about CBD-related health benefits – there seems to be a lot more to discover! We need to push for and support all cannabis-related research studies so we can learn more and get this information out to the public. Get involved!

Feel free to check out rest of our blogs for more educational articles on cannabis and its health effects. To conclude, I would like to state once again that there is a BIG difference between THC and CBD. THC is the psychoactive part, and CBD is not.

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