CBD for Pets

Can CBD help my pet?

Pets can suffer from many of the same physical and psychological disorder as humans. CBD is helpful in keeping a new pet happy and healthy  or your senior pet feeling as lively as when they were young. So whether your pet has separation anxiety or suffers from arthritis CBD can help them lead a happy healthy life.

Since the recent discovery of the endocannabinoid system in humans, it has been found that all vertebrates have a functioning endocannabinoid system. This system is essential for the wholesome well-being of all living creature, our furry friends included. As more research is done we will be able to see in more detail how pet’s lives are truly improved by CBD.

CBD can help treat many conditions

  • Anxiety
  • Epilepsy

  • Inflammation
  • Mood Disorders

  • Pain
  • Diabetes



Any dog lover will tell you that dogs have a personality of their own and just like humans they can suffer from many common disorders that range from separation anxiety to seizures. CBD can help pets and alleviate many of their symptoms.



Cats often suffer from hidden psychological and physical disorders. As cats are naturally solitary creatures they tend to hide any issues they may have. CBD can help alleviate some these disorders as well as just improve your cats life.



Horses are pets that often suffer from arthritis. CBD can improve the pain associated with arthritis and other physiological disorders. It is also helpful in alleviating any psychological disorders such as depression.

Doggy CBD Oil


The most important thing for any pet owner is that the products they provide to their pets are safe. CBD is non-toxic and there have not been any studies showing its dangerous. It is recommended that you speak to your veterinarian in regards to starting a new medication.

Healthy Lifestyle

CBD has the ability to help in regards to maintaining a healthy lifestyle for pets. It can bring balance and give them energy similar to how it can in humans. While more research needs to be done as to CBD’s effect on pets currently we know that it is not harmful.


Be sure to speak to your veterinarian before starting any treatment for your pet. The recommended dose to start is 1mg of CBD per every 10 lbs. of an animal’s body weight, once or twice a day.
It’s best to start small, and slowly increase the amount of CBD every week until you see your desired benefits.CBD is non-toxic but it is recommended that you stay with your pet for 2-3 hours after giving them CBD to ensure they are okay.

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