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This time we are going to take a general look into how cannabis influences your everyday health lifestyle. Some of the main topics we’ll be discussing are of course – your general health, then we’re going to consider a fitness (sport) lifestyle and how it co-exists with cannabinoid-based nutrients.

Finally, we’re going to look at cannabis as a diet addition, in other words – it’s nutritional value.

Cannabis and Everyday Health Benefits 

As it is known, there are plenty of ways and strains when it comes to cannabis.

Two main compounds of the cannabis plant are THC and CBD, but you can read about that more in our difference between THC and CBD article. 

If cannabis were a human being – it would be one of those people everybody loves! It knows its strengths, it’s very generous and it’s able to adapt to any kind of situation! 

Beneficial health values of cannabis are… Too long for any one article! In case of a disease or disorder, it can either help treat it, or at least help with particular symptoms! From stress disorders such as PTSD, brain imbalances such as anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, to Hepatitis, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, reduction of any pain or nausea, to even nightmares… The list goes on and on.

The fact that cannabis intake helps regulate our central and nervous systems is enough, let alone all other benefits.

For a common, everyday example, you may use cannabis to increase your appetite with one strain or use a different one to decrease it. Your job is only deciding whether you want to lose or gain weight. 

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How Cannabis Co-Exists with a Fitness Lifestyle 

When it comes to a fitness-oriented lifestyle, what better to look than at professional athletes. These are people who have dedicated their lives to a fitness lifestyle and these people carry an enormous amount of experience when it comes to nutrition and lifestyle.

Considering all the benefits of the plant, it is no wonder how many choose to include cannabis in their lives. Besides medical studies and research on its effects, cannabis is worth checking out even if the only proof we have is personal experience from pro athletes.

Starting from the basics, cannabis intake helps raise your metabolism! This is an excellent effect to get you rolling before going in for an exercise session.

This is especially interesting for people whose goals include weight loss. Speedy metabolism equates to a fat-burning metabolism. The Men’s Journal recently did a study where they concluded that the compounds THCV and cannabidiol found in cannabis can help raise metabolism, speed up fat loss and even lower cholesterol!

Many athletes said using cannabis-based supplements aids their everyday workouts. Some of the most cited experiences mention

“being in a meditational state”, “highly focused”, and “increased self-awareness”.

As said, you may use the cannabis plants in various types of ways and strains, high THC or CBD dosages, vape it, or utilize hemp seeds in your daily dietary nutrition plans. It’s all about you finding the best treatment in relation to the goals you wish to achieve.

Nutritional Value of Cannabis 

When dietitians look at the cannabis plant, they first think about its nutritional value. In other words, they look at it as a vegetable. Cannabis is absolutely loaded with various minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants!

Just consider hemp. Hemp is an absolute complete protein bomb, it’s 100% vegan, dairy and gluten free, incredibly easy to digest, and on top of all that – it contains high values of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.

Needless to say, these values are highly admirable! Let’s look at raw cannabis. As we have learned in previous articles, one of the main compounds of cannabis is THC, and it is psychoactive – but only when heated. This means if you use cannabis just like you would any other vegetable, e.g. to make a salad or juice it, it would cleanse your system with numerous health benefits!

One of the healthiest ingestion methods for raw cannabis is juicing it! Dr. William Courtney is the person behind this, and his research has concluded the following:


By ingesting raw cannabis into your body, you activate the brain’s cannabinoid system. In turn, this triggers the antioxidant effect. Raw cannabis also improves the effectiveness of cells throughout our bodies.

The therapeutic benefits of cannabis are higher and more effective when ingested raw. It’s important to mention that consuming raw cannabis doesn’t impair your mental or physical behavior, as the psychoactive compound isn’t being activated. In other words, ingesting raw cannabis gives you its nutritional benefits, without the “high” feeling.

Find Your Method and Make Use of Cannabis 

Everyone is different. Some people will ingest cannabis through various different oils, some will smoke it just to relax, and some may choose the juicing method and include it in their everyday life in addition to raw CBD hemp oil extracts.

It’s important you do your own research and finally, once you realize how beneficial, powerful this plant really is – start taking advantage of it. The Hemp Effect offers a wide variety of products for you to choose from. Feel free to look around – you may end up finding exactly what you need. Good luck! Browse through our scientifically advanced online store here: https://healthsynergyinc.com/cbd-shop/

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