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Today we’ll take a look at three inspirational people who discovered an exceptional recovery as a result of using cannabis-based medicine, cannabis oils and creams. Each one of these incredible people either fully recovered or showed significant signs of recovery during and after using cannabis.

Most cannabis success stories revolve around using cannabis medicine in combination with a healthy diet and exercise.

Read on to learn about specific cases where these people share their stories about beating diseases such as ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, and Crohn’s disease.

Cheryl Shuman

The first case we’re looking at is a cancer-survivor named Cheryl Shuman. Cheryl was battling ovarian cancer by using all kinds of different medication therapies including morphine, as well as other major opiates. To be precise, Cheryl used 27 different medications constantly while being in a vegetative state.

Cheryl’s life was turning into a disaster, a sad story commonly heard with most cancer patients. However, her life took a jaw-dropping turn after she discovered cannabis-based oils and creams.

It took her only 3 months to get back on her feet! You read that right. After 90 days of using cannabis supplements, Cheryl Shuman, a previously ovarian-cancer patient, was now on her feet and absolutely back into her life enjoying her full-time job.

To this day, Cheryl is completely cancer-free and it is no wonder that she’s now dedicated a huge chunk of her life to the cause of cannabis activism.

You can watch Ms. Shuman tell her story in the video below: 

Dennis Hill

The life of Dennis Hill, a biochemist and software engineer from California, is yet another cannabis-success story which revolves around beating cancer.

A couple of years back, Mr. Hill was diagnosed with prostate cancer – stage three. And as Mr. Hill put it:

“It’s like getting a death sentence.”

Later on, Mr. Hill talks about how he had no previous knowledge of the power of cannabis to treat such a serious diagnosis. He also shared how his friends told him about cannabis oils but he never quite believed the stories.

However, after some research, Mr. Hill was convinced enough and had no reason not to try. So he gave it shot.

Similarly to Ms. Shuman’s case, it also took Mr. Hill about 90 days to beat cancer. However, it’s important to note that Mr. Hill included a very strict diet along with the cannabis intake, which he did orally. He also exercised regularly.

The result?

The prostate tumor completely vanished.

Watch the video below to hear the full story from Dennis Hill himself:

Shona Banda

Shona Banda led a somewhat tiresome lifestyle as she was doomed with the almost incurable Crohn’s disease. This young woman from Kansas was told she was terminally ill by her doctors. Eight years in – she decided to take matters into her own hands. Her inspiration came after watching Rick Simpsons’s movie called “Run From the Cure”.

Ms. Banda decided she wanted to try treating her own illness, as opposed to just accepting what everyone has been telling her. 

Fortunately, only a few years after watching the movie, Shonda started her daily cannabis oil intake. In the video below, Shonda explains how she took cannabis oil 3 times a day, and only after a few short weeks she describes herself as: 

completely changed.”

Further in the video, Shona energetically states how she’s now hiking, swimming, working and being able to play with her kids.

Incredible – Isn’t it?

It seems incredible how a simple plant, a simple extract, can solve such a huge case of diseases or illnesses. Call it what you want but there are more people with clear proof of just how beneficial cannabis is.

This should be revolutionary. Unfortunately, cannabis use is still illegal in many places around the world, but it would seem that the times are changing. Hopefully, the largest health organizations will soon realize and admit the true power of cannabis, and start implementing it their treatment practices.

In any case, if need be – we need to be ready to take matters into our own hands, just like these three people did. 

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